Friday, April 29, 2011

Boring Machines Are Nothing to Yawn About!

Biesse F39N Spindle Horizontal/Vertical Boring Machine
Used 32mm and through-feed boring machines include all multiple-spindle boring machines that have fixed drill spindles separated on 32mm centers. Some boring machines are designed in a simple, single vertical row. Others drill horizontally and have multiple spindles with in-line drilling. There are other boring machines with tilting heads that are capable of drilling either vertically or horizontally. Finally, there are also multiple head borers that are capable of simultaneously drilling horizontally and vertically.  Shops with larger production runs of similar drilling patterns can utilize feed-through multiple-head boring machines. No mater what the configuration is, these machines can range in operation from fully manual to numerically controlled.

Biesse, Gannomat, SCM, and Weeke are some of the popular brands of used borers available on the used machinery market today.

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